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Dynamic Content for Elementor v2.13.9 Free Download

Dynamic Content for Elementor free download” is a plugin for the popular WordPress page builder, Elementor. This plugin allows users to

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Instead of just static content that you manually type into a widget, you can pull in dynamic content based on various conditions or from various sources. Here are some key points and features related to Dynamic Content for Elementor Nulled:

  1. Post Custom Fields: You can pull in custom fields from your posts. This is particularly useful if you use custom post types and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) in your WordPress setup.
  2. Tokens: These are placeholders that can be replaced with dynamic values.
  3. Conditionals: This allows you to display content conditionally based on various conditions. For instance, you can show a piece of content only to logged-in users.
  4. Dynamic Animations: Allows you to add animations and interactions to your pages based on dynamic conditions.
  5. Widgets: Dynamic Content for Elementor expands the list of widgets you get in the basic Elementor plugin. These new widgets are geared towards helping you display dynamic content.
  6. Integration with Third-party Tools: The plugin can integrate with several third-party tools and plugins such as ACF, Pods, Toolset, WooCommerce, etc., to bring in dynamic data.
  7. Listing and Grid Builders: One of the powerful features is the ability to create dynamic listings or grids. You can, for instance, design a template for a custom post type and display all the posts dynamically with your own custom design.
  8. Enhanced Template System: You can use this plugin to build templates for various parts of your site, such as 404 pages, search results pages, or archive pages, and fill them with dynamic content.
  9. Developer-Friendly: The plugin offers hooks and filters for those who want to customize it even further using PHP code.
  10. SVG and Canvas Widgets: These are advanced design tools that can be used to create more visually appealing and interactive designs.

When considering the use of “Dynamic Content for Elementor GPL” ensure you understand the potential performance implications. As with any plugin, adding dynamic features can have an impact on your website’s loading speed, so it’s a good idea to optimize and monitor performance.

Always remember to keep the plugin and your Elementor page builder updated for the latest features, security patches, and compatibility fixes. Also, since plugins receive updates and new features over time, it’s a good idea to periodically check the official documentation or website for the most recent information.


v2.13.8 – 2024/04/09
* Notice: Required Elementor version is now v3.12.0 and, if used, Elementor Pro v3.12.0
* Notice: Tokens Settings are moved to Features – Tokens Tab
* Notice: Template System settings are moved to Features / Template System Tab
* Tweak: Dynamic Google Maps, now the ACF Field can be a subfield
* Tweak: Removed ‘Autoplay Stop on Hover” from Carousel on ACF Slider, ACF Repeater, ACF Repeater (old version), Dynamic Posts (old version) to avoid JS issues. Now ‘Disable autoplay on interaction’ is used.
* Minor fixes

v2.13.7 – 2024/03/28
* Fix: Error with Elementor Theme Builder

v2.13.6 – 2024/03/28
* Notice: Tracker Header is now set as deprecated, but it will not be removed
* Tweak: Dynamic Users widget, add filter dynamicooo/dynamic-users/query-args to customize user queries
* Fix: Dynamic Archives did not work in some cases
* Fix: ACF Slider, the “Slides Columns” setting is now called “Rows” and is compatible with “Upgrade Swiper Library” experiment
* Fix: JS Field for Elementor Pro Form, isFieldActive returned false for fields with no conditions set
* Minor fixes

v2.13.5 – 2024/03/11
* Tweak: PDF Button, added option to open the PDF in a new tab
* Tweak: Add function isFieldActive to JS Field for Elementor Pro Form, it checks its conditional fields status
* Tweak: List Skin, you can choose the Style Type
* Fix: Crossroads Slideshow Skin, show Title didn’t work correctly
* Fix: Dual Carousel Skin, Show Title for Thumbnails didn’t work correctly
* Minor fixes

v2.13.4 – 2024/03/06
* Fix: PHP Error in rare cases

v2.13.3 – 2024/03/06
* Tweak: Dynamic Visibility extension, the Event Trigger now has a transition delay setting
* Fix: ACF Slider widget not working in some cases
* Fix Parent-Child Menu widget: alignment didn’t work correctly
* Minor fixes

v2.13.2 – 2024/02/28
* New: Dynamic Tag – Author Field
* Fix: Dynamic Products, PHP error in some cases
* Fix: Views Widget, PHP Error in some cases
* Minor fixes

v2.13.1 – 2024/02/27
* Fix: Dynamic Visibility settings were not visible in the Elementor editor after the latest update

v2.13.0 – 2024/02/27
* Notice: from the end of March 2024 required Elementor version will be >v3.12.0 and, if used, Elementor Pro > v3.12.0
* New: ACF Frontend Form widget
* New: Product Variations widget, to retrieve Woo Product Variations
* New: Dynamic Archives widget
* New: Dynamic Tag – User Field
* Tweak: Dynamic Products now allows including Product Variations
* Tweak: Dynamic Users, add option to filter for empty Meta values
* Fix: in some circumstances the plugin was disabled because of an incorrect “Elementor is Required” error
* Notice: from this version is required WP >= 5.7
* Notice: Removed Ajax functionality from Read More button and Dynamic Posts (old version)
* Notice: Set Read More Button widget as deprecated
* Notice: Set Unwrap extension as deprecated
* Notice: Set User Fields widget as deprecated. You can use Dynamic Tag – User Field
* Notice: Removed “Copy&Paste Cross Sites” feature. “Copy and Paste Between Websites” functionality is available in Elementor > v3.11.0
* Notice: Frontend Navigator will be for administrator only from this version on
* Tweak: added “Query Role” setting on Toolset Relationship widget
* Fix: Removed “order by Meta Value DATE” option in Dynamic Posts due to malfunctioning. Now, you can select “Order by Meta Value” and then choose the type as “Date” or “DateTime”
* Fix: Removed “order by Meta Value NUM” option. Now, you can select “Order by Meta Value” and specify the type as “Numeric”. Users previously utilizing “order by Meta Value NUM” can continue to do so without disruption
* Minor Fixes

v2.12.14 – 2024/02/15
* Fix: Fix PHP Errors caused by 2.12.13 in some cases

v2.12.13 – 2024/02/14
* Fix: More instances where Loop Item templates styles were missing
* Minor Fixes

v2.12.11 – 2024/02/12
* Fix: The fallback on Dynamic Posts broke the style of the rest of the page
* Fix: the use of “Loop Item” templates on Views widget does not load the CSS for those using Elementor Pro 3.19.1+
* Fix: warning on SVG Morphing widget
* Minor Fixes

v2.12.10 – 2024/02/09
* Fix: the use of “Loop Item” templates on Dynamic Posts does not load the CSS for those using Elementor Pro 3.19.1+
* Fix: warning on Dynamic Visibility when used PHP 8.2

v2.12.9 – 2024/02/08
* Tweak: Now you can write Conditions that control whether to run the Export Action for Elementor Pro Form
* Tweak: Dynamic Visibility: User-written Custom Conditions can, in rare circumstances, trigger Fatal Errors that prevent access to the editor. Now you can use the URL parameter dce_disable_visibility_custom_conditions=1 to stop the execution of the Custom Conditions
* Fix: potentially incorrect styles for ACF loops nested inside another ACF Loop
* Fix: Some settings did not function with Dynamic Tags
* Minor Fixes

v2.12.8 – 2024/01/30
* Notice: Frontend Navigator will be for administrator only from this version on
* Tweak: PDF Button: JS Converter, to allow waiting for slow third party JS elements, users can now prevent the generation of the PDF and trigger it manually via JS
* Fix: Visibility event, display issue with a trigger managing more than one element and the Hide Other option set
* Fix: User ACF fields could not be retrieved when inside a template used by Dynamic Users Widget
* Minor Fixes

v2.12.7 – 2024/01/17
* Tweak: PDF Button widget, JS converter, add Scale option that allows raising the resolution of the generated PDFs
* Notice: The Dashboard Menu is now called “Dynamic Content” to avoid confusion with the new plugin “Dynamic Shortcodes”
* Notice: File Include, Dynamic Title, Post Type and Taxonomy Title widgets set as deprecated
* Fix: Background Images and other dynamic CSS settings could be wrong for Dynamic Posts widgets nested inside ACF loops, like the ACF Repeater widget
* Fix: PDF Generator for Elementor Pro Form and PDF Button widget, HTML converter, error about missing file in some cases when used with custom fonts
* Fix: Dynamic Posts widgets, some settings allowed Dynamic Tags but were ignoring their results and using the static values
* Minor Fixes

v2.12.6 – 2023/12/21
* Tweak: Dynamic Posts, skin Grid with Filters, add Select option to filters style
* Tweak: Dynamic Posts, Added target option to Items Custom Meta Field URL and Button
* Fix: Dynamic Visibility with Keep HTML on was not working in some situations
* Fix: Icons for Elementor Pro Form, Select icons where not compatible with sizing settings
* Minor Fixes

v2.12.5 – 2023/11/30
* Notice: Security fix, we recommend all users update to this or a later version.
* Notice: from this version is required Elementor >= v3.6.0 and, if used, Elementor Pro >= v3.6.0
* Tweak: Dynamic Google Maps, added setting to close all InfoWindows on mouse click
* Fix: Mirror Field didn’t work properly
* Minor Fixes

v2.12.4 – 2023/11/29
* Notice: from the end of December required Elementor version will be >v3.9.0 and, if used, Elementor Pro > v3.9.0
* Tweak: Stripe Field for Elementor Pro Form, add option to avoid capturing the payment
* Fix: Dynamic Charts, fix input values with comma
* Fix: the selection of editor settings in some cases was not possible
* Fix: Dynamic Posts, Carousel Skin, buttons didn’t work in some cases
* Minor Fixesm

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