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  • Create Date September 26, 2023
  • Last Updated February 27, 2024

Download Divi Pixel v2.29.2

2.29.2 December 21st 2023

  • Fixed Dual Heading border issue
  • Fixed Divi 4.23.2 compatibility issue
  • Fixed Tripadvisor social icon issue
  • Fixed Table Maker depraciated PHP: automatic conversion of false to array
  • Fixed Flip Box module showing back side
  • Fixed Popup Maker position issue when content is having single tags
  • Fixed Filterable Gallery JS error when Conditional Display is used
  • Improved Blog Slider data attribute format

2.29.1 December 15th 2023

  • Fixed parent mobile menu item link issue
  • Fixed Jetpack captcha field width on login screen
  • Fixed not saving Divi Pixel Category and link in Media Library
  • Fixed not showing Read More button for arabic string in Blog Slider
  • Fixed Dual Heading background text stroke color issue
  • Fixed JS error when responsive text settings for TOC module title are used
  • Fixed Gravity Forms Styler border issue when Orbital theme is used
  • Added delay option to the Typing Text module
  • Added archive page styling for search results page
  • Added option to hide Homepage in the Breadcrumbs module
  • Added option to remove Html for empty field in Testimonial Slider
  • Added pagination and load more settings to the Masonry Gallery module
  • Added option to show/hide Clear Divi Cache option in the WP toolbar
  • Improved Fix Lazy Loading Image in Filterable Grid and Filterable Gallery

2.29.0 November 24th 2023

  • NEW: Table Maker module
  • Added margin, padding and custom CSS filed for Advanced Tabs tab image
  • Added Divider module to WPML config file
  • Added custom CSS field to Advanced Tabs button
  • Added shortcode support to Blog Slider, Parallax Image and Pricing Table modules
  • Added title tag control for the Pricing Table Feature
  • Added ability to translate DIPI category taxonomy
  • Added support of Gravity Forms Styler to different themes
  • Added Link toggle to Tile Scroll child modules
  • Added “Clickable Card” option to the Blog Slider module
  • Added mobile option for the Ripple Effect Style 2 in the Image Hotspot module
  • Added alt text for image in the Expanding CTA module
  • Fixed Reveal module expanded height issue
  • Fixed Panorama responsive issue
  • Fixed menu hover animation when translation is used
  • Fixed Reveal height in Advanced Tabs, Content Slider and Content Toggle
  • Fixed Flip Box dynamic link issue
  • Fixed not working page exclusion option in the TOC module
  • Fixed not working Carousel link in older Safari browsers
  • Improved Image Hotspot tooltip position on mobiles

2.28.0 October 11th 2023

  • NEW: Divider module
  • Fixed Accordion Image rendering issue when used in Theme Builder template
  • Fixed WPML-config.xml file conflict with Polylang plugin
  • Fixed Reveal issue when used in the Content Slider module
  • Fixed Image Slider thumbs navigation not working when Theme Builder is used
  • Fixed Filterable Grid taxonomy select field issue with the Polylang plugin
  • Fixed not working FAQ module order not working in the builder
  • Fixed incorrect image count displayed in the Image Slider lightbox
  • Fixed Gravity Forms Styler unique ID field not showing in the editor
  • Fixed Gravity Forms Styler dropdown arrow position issue
  • Added Custom CSS fields for Hover Gallery images and content icons
  • Added Yelp and Spotify social media icons
  • Added Popup Maker width settings
  • Added Custom CSS ID & Classes to the Timeline child items
  • Updated WPML configuration file

2.27.0 September 13th 2023

  • NEW: Reveal module
  • Added Box Shadow and Border settings to the Typing Text module
  • Added Alt Text for images in the Info Circle module
  • Added option to use icons with links in the Floating Images module
  • Added Load More, Pagination, and Infinite Scroll options to the Masonry Gallery module
  • Added Carousel Image Height control
  • Added responsive settings for Show Table Title in the TOC module
  • Added ACF support to the Price List module
  • Added author prefix & link target setting to the Filterable Grid module
  • Fixed Testimonial Slider issue when content includes unicode symbols
  • Fixed Table of Content issue when the Generate for Whole Page option is enabled
  • Fixed Table of Contents issue when special characters are used in the title
  • Fixed not working CTA button settings in the footer menu
  • Fixed not a clickable logo in the header when the centered header is used
  • Fixed CTA Menu Button styles not applying to the secondary menu
  • Apply mobile menu styles only for the header menu, not for the footer
  • Enabled Divi Pixel taxonomy for all CPT
  • Updated Twitter icon
  • Updated WPML config file

2.26.0 August 9th 2023

  • NEW: Table of Contents module added
  • NEW: Clear Divi Cache functionality added to the WP dashboard toolbar
  • Fixed Float Thumbs Over Main Image responsive issues in the Image Slider module
  • Fixed Gravity Forms Styler submit button issue when placed at the end of a row
  • Fixed Image Hotspot warning in the child module
  • Fixed Image Rotator preloader issue when the image is bigger than the viewport height
  • Fixed not clickable logo on mobile when centered header style is used
  • Fixed not working border for the menu CTA button
  • Added Popup Maker WPML support
  • Added Tripadvisor, Twitch, and Yelp social media icons

2.25.1 July 13th 2023

  • Added preloader to the Image Rotator module
  • Fixed WPML config file to fix the Pricing Table text field translation issue

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