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Fancy Product Designer v6.1.9.1 Nulled (with Plus v1.3.5 & Pricing Add-On v1.1.2)

Fancy Product Designer Pricing Add-On Nulled is a valuable extension for the popular Fancy Product Designer plugin for WordPress. This add-on enhances the functionality of Fancy Product Designer by enabling users to assign dynamic pricing to customizable products created with the plugin. With the Pricing Add-On, website owners can create intricate pricing rules based on various product attributes, ensuring accurate pricing calculations for personalized or customizable items.

Fancy Product Designer Pricing Add-On Free Download

One of the key features of the Fancy Product Designer Pricing Add-On is its ability to set up conditional pricing rules. Users can define conditions based on product options, such as size, color, material, or any other customizable attribute. For example, a clothing retailer could set different prices for different sizes or colors of a custom-designed t-shirt. By configuring these rules, website owners can ensure that customers are charged appropriately based on their product selections.

Moreover, the Pricing Add-On offers support for bulk pricing, allowing website owners to offer discounts for larger quantities of customized products. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that sell personalized items in bulk, such as promotional merchandise or corporate gifts. With bulk pricing rules, website owners can incentivize customers to purchase more units by offering discounted rates, ultimately increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

Additionally, the Fancy Product Designer Pricing Add-On enables users to create pricing formulas based on mathematical calculations. This feature is especially beneficial for complex pricing structures that involve multiple variables or custom calculations. Users can define formulas to determine product prices dynamically based on factors such as material costs, labor, and markup percentages. This flexibility allows website owners to create highly customized pricing models tailored to their specific business needs.

Furthermore, the Pricing Add-On supports integration with popular payment gateways, ensuring seamless checkout experiences for customers. By integrating with payment processors such as PayPal or Stripe, website owners can securely process transactions for custom-designed products with dynamically calculated prices. This integration streamlines the purchasing process and instills confidence in customers, leading to higher conversion rates and increased revenue.

In conclusion, Fancy Product Designer Pricing Add-On Free Download is an essential tool for WordPress website owners who utilize the Fancy Product Designer plugin to offer customizable products. With its advanced pricing features, including conditional pricing rules, bulk pricing, pricing formulas, and payment gateway integration, the Pricing Add-On empowers website owners to create dynamic and personalized pricing structures for their products. By leveraging this extension, businesses can enhance their online storefronts, attract more customers, and drive sales growth effectively.

Fancy Product Designer Pricing Add-On Free Download



  • Improvement: CSS adjustment for color display in order mail
  • Bug: Customizable properties tab is hidden after multi select action
  • Improvement: $libxml_disable_entity_loader function removed


  • New: Sync relevant design images in multiple views
    • Solution article is here
  • New: Adjust position and size of multiple selected objects in Product Builder
  • Improvement: AJAX Add-to-cart Mode | Remove disabled class after a few seconds for add-to-cart button
  • Improvement: Order Item Thumbnail CSS adjusted
  • Improvement: Zoom Slider positioned at top
  • Bug: 3D preview not working with lightbox
  • Bug: Setting same replace value for different elements in same view in product builder, caused the element disappeared


  • Improvement: Display size warning only for custom uploaded images
  • Improvement: Add Printful product background to preview modal
  • New: Option “AJAX Add-to-cart Mode” – If your theme supports adding products to the cart through AJAX, it is recommended to enable this feature. This way, the loading indicator will not appear.
  • New: Option “Custom Text Default Color” added to view options
  • Bug: Exporting single elements in order viewer
  • Bug: Pro Export Method “SVG2PDF” direct download not working
  • Bug: Loading UI layout in UI Composer not working

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