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(v6.0.9.1) Elessi WooCommerce AJAX WP Theme Free Download

Elessi WooCommerce AJAX WP Theme Nulled stands out as a versatile and powerful WordPress theme tailored specifically for e-commerce ventures. Packed with a myriad of features and a user-friendly interface, Elessi offers a seamless and engaging online shopping experience for both merchants and customers.

At the core of Elessi’s functionality is its integration with WooCommerce, a leading e-commerce plugin for WordPress. This seamless integration empowers merchants to set up and manage their online stores with ease. The theme provides a range of customization options, enabling businesses to create a unique and visually appealing storefront that aligns with their brand identity.

One of the standout features of Elessi is its implementation of AJAX technology. This ensures that the shopping experience is not only smooth but also dynamic and interactive. AJAX facilitates real-time updates without requiring a page refresh, allowing customers to add products to their carts, apply filters, and navigate through the site effortlessly. This responsiveness contributes to a more satisfying and efficient shopping journey.

Elessi also excels in terms of design flexibility. The theme offers multiple pre-designed layouts and templates that can be easily customized to suit the specific needs and aesthetics of different online stores. Whether you’re selling fashion, electronics, or handmade crafts, Elessi provides the tools to create a visually stunning and cohesive online presence.

Mobile responsiveness is another area where Elessi shines. In an era where a significant portion of online shopping occurs on mobile devices, Elessi ensures that your store looks and functions seamlessly on smartphones and tablets. This responsiveness not only enhances the user experience but also contributes to improved search engine rankings, as mobile-friendliness is a key factor in search algorithms.

Elessi places a strong emphasis on user experience, offering advanced filtering options that make it easy for customers to find the products they are looking for. The AJAX-powered filters enable users to narrow down their search based on categories, price ranges, and other attributes, enhancing the efficiency of the browsing and shopping process.

Furthermore, Elessi incorporates a wishlist feature, allowing customers to save their favorite items for future reference. This not only serves as a convenient tool for shoppers but also provides valuable insights for merchants into customer preferences and trends. The ability to analyze wishlist data can inform inventory decisions and marketing strategies.

Elessi is designed to support various payment gateways, ensuring secure and seamless transactions for both merchants and customers. Whether you prefer traditional payment methods, credit cards, or digital wallets, Elessi accommodates a range of options to cater to a diverse customer base.

In terms of ongoing support and updates, Elessi remains committed to providing a stable and secure platform for e-commerce businesses. Regular updates address any potential vulnerabilities, introduce new features, and enhance overall performance. The dedicated support team is readily available to assist users with any inquiries or technical challenges they may encounter.

In conclusion, Elessi WooCommerce AJAX WP Theme Free Download is a feature-rich and adaptable solution for businesses seeking to establish a robust online presence. Its seamless integration with WooCommerce, AJAX technology, design flexibility, mobile responsiveness, advanced filtering options, wishlist feature, and support for multiple payment gateways make it a compelling choice for e-commerce entrepreneurs. Whether you are launching a new online store or looking to revamp your existing one, Elessi provides the tools and capabilities to create a visually appealing and high-performing e-commerce platform.


----- 6.0.6 (18 Mar 2024) -----
- NEW: Sticky - Sidebar Classic - Archive product.
- NEW: Sticky - Sidebar Classic - Single product.
- NEW: Cart Countdown Timer.
- NEW: New - Badge product - Auto render.
- FIXED: Some CSS Style.
- IMPROVED: Bought Together - Support variable product.

----- (22 Feb 2024) -----
- NEW: Add SKU - Live search product.
- FIXED: Some issue Off-Canvas.
- FIXED: Bulk Discount - Buy more save more - Some CSS - Style 2.
- COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 8.6.1.

—– 6.0.4 (24 Jan 2024) —–

  • NEW: Arabic – Translated Ready (اللغة العربية).
  • NEW: Greek – Translated Ready (ελληνική γλώσσα).
  • FIXED: Open Login Popup – Checkout Modern Layout – WooCommerce 8.5.1.
  • IMPROVED: Template – change Variation in Mini Cart.
  • COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 8.5.1.

—– 6.0.3 (18 Jan 2024) —–

  • NEW: Polish – Translated Ready (JÄ™zyk polski).
  • NEW: Allow change Variation in Mini Cart.
  • FIXED: Error Duplicate Shipping methods – Dokan – Checkout Modern Layout.
  • IMPROVED: Cross-Sell template – You may be interested in … – Mini Cart Sidebar.
  • COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce All Products For Subscriptions.
  • COMPATIBLE: WPBakery Page Builder 7.4.

—– 6.0.2 (31 Dec 2023) —–

  • FIXED: Some CSS Style.
  • FIXED: Some Issues – Mobile App Simulator.
  • FIXED: Break HTML – Loop Product – Elementor editor.
  • IMPROVED: Cross-Sell template – You may be interested in … – Mini Cart Sidebar.
  • IMPROVED: Quickview Popup – Lazy Load template.
  • IMPROVED: Quickview Sidebar – Lazy Load template.

—– 6.0.1 (21 Dec 2023) —–

  • FIXED: Some CSS Style.
  • IMPROVED: Mini Cart Sidebar – Preloading.
  • IMPROVED: Mini Cart Popup v2 – Preloading.
  • COMPATIBLE: Yith WooCommerce Wishlist – Missing link for Mini Icon Wishlist.
  • COMPATIBLE: WPBakery Page Builder 7.3.
  • COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.6.20.
  • COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 8.4.0.
  • COMPATIBLE: WordPress 6.4.2.

—– 6.0.0 (06 Dec 2023) —–

  • NEW: Single Product – Mobile – Top Navigation
  • NEW: Mini Cart – Simple – Hide “View Cart” Button in Mini Cart.
  • NEW: Fixed Place Order button – Mobile – Checkout Modern layout.
  • NEW: Fixed Breadcrumb – Mobile – Checkout Modern layout.
  • NEW: Popup Form Login – Checkout Modern layout.
  • NEW: Options List Layout – Archive Product page – Mobile Layout.
  • FIXED: Some CSS Style.
  • IMPROVED: Checkout modern in Mobile layout – Ignore Cart Page with Mini Cart Simple.

—– 5.4.2 (25 Nov 2023) —–

  • FIXED: Some issues – HTML error structure.
  • IMPROVED: Replace some icon-font with SVG.
  • IMPROVED: Checkout modern in Mobile layout – Sticky button and Nav.
  • COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 8.3.1.

—– 5.4.1 (21 Nov 2023) —–

  • FIXED: Some CSS styles.
  • IMPROVED: Theme Option – Interface.
  • IMPROVED: Replace some icon-font with SVG.
  • IMPROVED: Before, After Tab Title – WPBakery version.
  • COMPATIBLE: WPBakery Page Builder 7.2.
  • COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 8.3.0.
  • COMPATIBLE: WordPress 6.4.1.

—– 5.4.0 (08 Nov 2023) —–

  • NEW: +2 Home Glasses – Elementor version.
  • NEW: +2 Home Glasses – WPBakery version.
  • FIXED: Some CSS styles.
  • IMPROVED: Replace some icon-font with SVG.
  • IMPROVED: Viewed Products – Use jQuery Cookie.

—– 5.3.9 (02 Nov 2023) —–

  • FIXED: Some CSS styles.
  • IMPROVED: Nasa Tabs Product – Elementor.
  • IMPROVED: Support 2 colors – Attribute UX.
  • COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.6.18.

—– 5.3.8 (20 Oct 2023) —–

  • FIXED: Missing Buy More Save More (Bulk Discount) in Quickview.
  • IMPROVED: Product Card Style 5 (Remove Text Center Style).
  • COMPATIBLE: Revolution Slider 6.6.17.
  • COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 8.2.1.

—– 5.3.7 (12 Oct 2023) —–

  • NEW: After Added To Cart – Popup v2.
  • FIXED: Missing Stock – Single Product Page – Catalog Mode.
  • FIXED: Requiments – Checkout Form – Modern layout.
  • IMPROVED: Advance Free Shipping – Allow Rule with Country.
  • COMPATIBLE: YITH WooCommerce Wishlist Premium.
  • COMPATIBLE: WPBakery Page Builder 7.1.
  • COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 8.2.0.
  • COMPATIBLE: WordPress 6.3.2.

—– 5.3.6 (27 Sep 2023) —–

  • FIXED: Missing Filter Button – Widget Nasa Product Price Filter.
  • IMPROVED: Product Card – Style 10.
  • COMPATIBLE: Advanced Woo Search.
  • COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce Min/Max Quantities.
  • COMPATIBLE: YITH WooCommerce Minimum Maximum Quantity Premium.

—– 5.3.5 (17 Sep 2023) —–

  • FIXED: Some CSS styles.
  • IMPROVED: Background – Blur for Canvas.
  • IMPROVED: Touch event Close – Place Canvas for Mobile.
  • COMPATIBLE: WooCommerce 8.1.1.

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